Deluxe Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit

SKU: C3107

Standard Faucet Wrench

F 1 aucet Wrench With Grippin

SS Worm Clamp – 3/16” – 5/16” ID Vinyl Hose – Small – (Single Piece Pack)

Worm Clamp

5/16″ ID Red Vinyl Hose Per Feet Coil

Red Hose NSF 5/16" Pipe 4

5 Lb Aluminium CO2 Cylinder

CO2 Aluminium Cylinder

6″ x 5″ Surface Drip Tray - Brushed Stainless - Without Drain

Surface Drip Tray 6"x5" Without Drain

Precision Primary CO2 Regulator – 1 Outlet

Precision Primary Co2
Regulator - 1 Outlet USA

D System With Stainless Steel Body and Stainless Steel Probe

D System Keg Coupler(SS
Body and SS 304 Probe)

3″ Column Beer Tower – 1 Faucets With 100% SS Contact – Brushed Stainless – Air Cooled

3" Stainless Steel Body
Brushed Single Faucet Tower
with 100% SS contact with

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