Deluxe Double Faucet Tower Kegarator Conversion Kit – No Tank

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3″ Column Beer Tower – 2 Faucets With 100% SS Contact – Brushed Stainless – Air Cooled


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D System With Stainless Steel Body and Stainless Steel Probe- NSF Certified

“D” System American Sankey Coupler with pull lever handle is the most common Keg coupler system available in the U.S. and used by all the major breweries as well as most craft breweries. This keg coupler is constructed of a Chrome Plated Brass body with a Chrome Plated Brass Probe. The included black pull handle is suitable for 1/6 small dia Kegs. This D system coupler is easy to use – simply pull out and down on the lever handle to tap a keg.


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12″ X 5″ Surface Drip Tray – Brushed Stainless

Precision CO2 Regulator – 2 Outlet CGA 320


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Standard Faucet Wrench

  • Red Chrome Plated Faucet Wrench: Essential tool for maintaining beer dispensing systems.
  • Durable Steel Faucet Tool: Easily tighten or loosen faucet nuts with this chrome-plated wrench.

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SS Worm Clamp – 3/16” – 5/16” ID Vinyl Hose – Small – (Single Piece Pack)

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5/16″ ID Red Vinyl Hose Per Feet Coil

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Available on backorder