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Ball-lock kegs / Corny Kegs pin lock

Pin-lock or Ball-lock kegs aka Stainless Beverage Kegs Among these 5 Gallon beverage kegs are one of the most popular options when it comes to homebrew kegging. Stainless Beverage Kegs are constructed from stainless steel 304 grade and passivated for lifetime corrosion resistance.

Originally used as soda kegs and also called Pepsi soda kegs. Barobjects offer these kegs in multiple sizes from 2.5 gallons to 5 Gallons ( US liquid gallon ). They are the ideal choice for homebrewing, soda, cider, cold brew nitro coffee, or kombucha tea.

We offer rubber handles 2.5 gallons which are easy to carry, affordable, and a great starting point, but will also offer a 3 Gallon that blends capacity, value, and performance, and a 5-gallon keg which only choice when you need serious storage.

Ball Lock Corny Kegs are originally manufactured by the Cornelius brand for Pepsi but now barobjects sources these kegs made in India by Kromedispense. and Krome is a Global brand for Stainless steel containers and kegging parts for the beverage industry.

Shop for Corny Kegs pin lock and ball Lock in the below sizes

  • 2-1/2 Gallon corny
  • Three Gallon Kegs
  • Five Gallon corny kegs

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