Drip Trays

Drip Tray

A Drip tray, also known by various other names, is a functional accessory designed to catch and manage Draft beer runoff. It is commonly used in settings where liquids may be dispensed, poured, or spilled, helping to prevent messes and maintain cleanliness.it comes with drain or without drain  Here are common scenarios or areas where liquid runoff may occur: Bars, Kitchens, Breweries, Industrial Settings, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Home Bars, Outdoor Events, Automotive Maintenance. Types Of Drip Tray: Mount drip tray, SS round drip tray, Surface mount drip tray, Cut-out drip tray, Beveled edge drip tray, Recessed drip tray and Rinser drip tray Customize.

Finish Options :-Brushed Stainless steel :-Mirror Polished / Glossy:- PVD Coated Gold drip trays :-Powder-coated drip trays

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