Bar Accessories

Ever thought just a beer and beer dispensing system will complete a bar? Think again! Of course, there got to be accessories – the bartending tools that make the drinking experience at your bar a wholesome one.

Barobjects put together the following list of essential bartending tools and equipment your bar needs to make it a success.

Complete your home bar setup with the perfect bottle openers to open your favorite beer, wine, or soda. We offer Bottle openers in various shapes and sizes and can be stashed away in a drawer or hung on a wall, depending on your space.

Cocktail accessories allow you to set up a professional-style bar right at home. Many have measurements marked on the outside of the cocktail shakers, making it easy to portion out liquids.

Serve drinks in style at your next gathering with a barobject’s ice bucket or cooler. New designs allow ice buckets to keep beverages cooler for longer while adding to your elegant party decor.

A well-accessorized bar can be useful for non-drinkers too. Use your bartending tools and experiment with fruit juices and sodas to create delicious “mocktails” for the whole family.