Interlocking Bar Mats

This functional shelf liner is designed as interlocking, so Interlocking Bar Mats can be easily cut in order to fit different surfaces with specific sizes and shapes. These 6″ x 6″ interlocking shelf mats snap together with each other and can be cut to accommodate any workspace. The durable bar spill mat ensures your glassware and china stay in place while being stored on counters or shelves. This mat cuts easily to fit any counter shape. Non-Slip soft rubber pad designed to stay stationary protecting your glasses. These Shelf Liners or Bar Spill Mat are heavyweight, commercial grade ideal for bar, restaurant, and home use.

Elevate your bar setup with Interlocking Bar Mats – designed for versatility and durability. Easily customize any space with these 6″x6″ interlocking shelf mats. Cut, snap, and secure your glassware effortlessly. Non-slip, heavyweight, and commercial-grade, they’re perfect for bars, restaurants, and homes. Redefine style and protection with every interlocking connection!

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