Beer Faucets ( Taps )


Beer faucets (Taps), and you will need them to dispense the beer into your glass. There are several vital components in a draft beer system required to ensure a successful pour. It is also an important one, directing the flow of beer into the glass/mug.

Pulling the tap handle is what controls the flow of beer from the tap to your drinking receptacle.

There are three main types of draft beer faucet:

  1. US Standard tap – This is the most common type of beer faucet seen in North America and can be used to dispense a wide variety of beers including all American lagers and ales.
  2. European tap – Differs from the US standard style with a longer and narrower spout which decreases the overall foam head of the pour.
  3. Stout tap – This tap is used with nitrogen-based draft beer. The smaller tap opening allows a slow pour resulting in a smoother and creamier beer.

You can use many of these taps to dispense wine and ciders. The critical thing to look for in a cider/wine tap is that whatever comes in contact with your beverage is Stainless Steel, which helps eliminate any off flavors.