How to find correct keg coupler and why is it essential for beer dispensing?

Keg Coupler for kegerator

Unlocking the World of Kegs: A Guide to Types and Taps

What is a Keg Coupler?

A keg coupler connects to the top of a commercial keg, facilitating the entry of CO2 and dispensing beer. To determine the right keg coupler, it’s essential to know the brand of beer you’ll be dispensing.

When it comes to enjoying draft beer at home or in a commercial setting, understanding the different types of kegs and taps is crucial. This guide aims to help you determine the right keg size and connector/keg coupler for your needs.

Types of Kegs and Connectors:

There’s a diverse range of keg types and sizes. Below is a comparison chart that outlines keg types, their volumes, and brief descriptions.

Keg Type Volume Description
Homebrew / Corny Various Opens at the top, designed for homebrew with gas in and liquid out posts. Two connector types: pin lock and ball lock.
Commercial Various Features a sanky style connection on top for keg couplers, designed for commercial dispensing systems.

Differences Between Homebrew and Commercial Kegs:

Homebrew or Cornelius (Corny) Kegs have a top that opens, allowing easier filling for homebrew. They use specific connectors, with ball lock being more common.Commercial kegs feature a sanky style connection on top, designed for keg couplers used in commercial setups.

Corny (Homebrew) Kegs:Corny kegs typically use ball lock or pin lock connectors. The terms “ball lock” and “pin lock” refer to the type of quick disconnect fittings used on the kegs.
There are variations in the posts and lids of Corny kegs, but they generally don’t follow the standard industry lettering like “A,” “D,” “S,” or “G.”

Commercial Kegs:Commercial kegs often use a Sanki (Sankey) style connection. Within the Sankey style, there are variations like the American Sankey (D-type), European Sankey (S-type), and others.
Common types include:
D-Type (American Sankey): Common in the United States.
S-Type (European Sankey): Common in Europe.
G-Type (Grundy): Used in the UK and some European breweries.
A-Type (German Slider): Found in German breweries.

Quick Reference to Keg Couplers and Brands:

Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Labatt, Molson- Bar Objects

  • D System: Fits most North American beers (e.g., Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Labatt, Molson, and most craft beer kegs).
  • Heineken,  Amstel Light and Becks- Bar Objects
  • S System: Fits many import kegs (e.g., Heineken,  Amstel Light and Becks ).
  • Spaten, Warsteiner, and Paulaner- Bar Objects
  • A System: Fits many German kegs (e.g., Spaten, Warsteiner, and Paulaner).
  • Schneider, Aventinus, and Einbecker- Bar Objects
  • M System: Fits some German kegs (e.g., Schneider, Aventinus, and Einbecker).
  • Bass, Boddingtion's, Caffrey's, and Anchor Steam- Bar objects
  • G System: Fits some European kegs (e.g., Bass, Boddingtion’s, Caffrey’s, and Anchor Steam).
  • Guinness and Harp- Bar objects
  • U System: Fits some European kegs (e.g., Guinness and Harp).

We offer these keg couplers at Bar Objects. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

NOTE: The coupler types mentioned are general trends and may vary by brewery.