Guide to Restaurant Wall Shelving

wall mount shelving foodservice

Guide to Restaurant Wall Shelving


Organized Space at the workplace is always been a great help and Bar objects and Stainless steel wall Mount shelving for restaurants are designed. Restaurant kitchen wall mount Shelves give you a vertical space in your kitchen, Can be mounted on top of ss prep table or Restaurant worktables.

wall mount shelving foodservice
SS shelf in a kitchen of restaurant


Commercial Grade Wall Mounted SS shelves are constructed with 18 Gauge thickness.

some manufacturers manufacture stainless steel lower than 18GA but 18GA SS wall shelving is fairly strong for most

Restaurant Wall Shelving Comes in Various widths and Lengths

  • 6″ Wide Wall Shelving
  • 8″ wide Wall Shelving
  • 12″ Wide Wall Shelves
  • 18″ Wide Wall Shelves

These wall-mounted shelving are manufactured in several length sizes ranging from 12″L to 92″L

Type of wall Mount shelving for restaurants available at restaurant supply stores

      1. General Utility SS Shelves
      2. Microwave/Appliances SS Wall Shelves
      3. Glass and Dish Rack Shelves
      4. Tubular Rack wall Mount Shelves
      5. Slanted Rack Shelves wall Mounted

Watch out for NSF-approved Wall Mount shelves because NSF certifications give your restaurant equipment an extra advantage.

mounting these shelves are very easy as they come with mounting hardware,

popular brands for wall mount shelvings are

  • Wall-mounted shelves  and appliances mount shelf by Advance Tabco brand
  • Storage solution for the restaurant/ foodservice industry by eagle manufacturing
  • Regency brand storage products
  • Bk products
  • Aluids brand Worktables and shelving
  • John boos shelving for foodservice
  • Winco

Most storage solution brands sell online or through brick mortar restaurant supply stores







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