Milk Pitcher

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Milk Pitcher

Barobject Milk Pitcher

Frothing Milk Pitcher provides a precise advantage when it comes to making latte art.

Our Stainless steel Milk Pitcher comes with protective silicon rubber. This Silicone case protects your steel pitcher from accidental damage and keeps your pitcher looking brand new for a long time. Also, It is heat resistant so you will not burn your hand. it is easy to lift and pour, has sufficient capacity, and is easy to clean .it is safe for the dishwasher.

It pitchers play an important role in a coffee shop or a cafe.

It protects from accidental damage and hot beverages. It keeps your pitcher scratch-free and improves your grip too. The sturdy pitcher is much safer and more comfortable to grip. Perfect for coffee lovers, suitable for home, kitchen, coffee shop, hotel, etc. It is easy to carry and store. Its compact design makes it convenient to carry everywhere you travel.