Coffee Tamper

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Coffee Tampers are essential tools for compacting ground coffee into a puck. The best tampers allow you to achieve consistent distribution and pressure.

The coffee tamper may look like one of the simplest coffee accessories, however, it is one of the most important in the espresso-making process. It is used to evenly tamp the ground coffee in the filter basket with the aim to create an even distribution of coffee grounds. In many cases the simple coffee tamp is a barista’s pride and joy as well as an extension of their personality.

tamper brand guide

There’s a wide range of tampers starting from plastic tampers to high-end stainless steel ones. Whatever you have on hand, your tamper must be able to tamp the ground coffee evenly with the right amount of pressure to create a good quality espresso. This is why tamping is such an important step in the process. However for many baristas, applying the same amount of pressure every single time can get confusing and inconsistent, resulting in espresso that varies in flavor and consistency during extraction.