Coffee Tamper


Coffee tamper are essential tools for compacting ground coffee into a puck. The best tampers allow you to achieve consistent distribution and pressure.

Tamping has a unique purpose, and baristas spend a lot of time mastering it. Must for drawing a good shot of espresso, Tamping is more about the technique rather than the tool. If you try to make espresso without using a Coffee Tamper r, you’ll fail. Because the Coffee powder isn’t crushed, the water will run through the coffee powder without resistanceTo create resistance to the water as it flows through the espresso machine, the grounds must be tamped. The most important factor to tamp is to enhance the extraction of aroma from the coffee by the water. With a loose coffee powder, you’ll get a flavored espresso that isn’t even close to being called espresso.

We carry a number of different shapes; and sizes of Espresso Tamper ranging from 50, 53, 57, 58, and 58.5 mm in diameter, which correlates to the diameter of your portafilter.

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