Barista Accessories

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 Barista Accessories

One of the most important things for a successful coffee program is equipping your baristas with the tools to do the job. Along with Tampers, mats, and pitchers, there are other barista Accessories like BARISTA STENCILS, COCOA SHAKER, LATTE ART pens, MILK FROTHING THERMOMETER, BLANKING DISC and many more are all keys to keeping your baristas moving, and brewing.

Barista Stencils set of 6 pcs are made with stainless steel, easy to use, and easy to clean. Design the top of your coffee in a beautiful pattern. It delegates you to decorate your coffee by using them. Supreme for making your day special at home too.

Cocoa Sprinkler in Stainless steel for cappuccinos and lattes. Comes with a lid fitted with mesh. The coffee cocoa shaker is a closer mesh type to allow fine chocolate crush.

Coffee Latte Art Pen to make beautiful designs over a cup of coffee. Express yourself with creative art and add more to coffee. All you’ll need is a steady hand, some practice, and this Art Pen.