Jockey Box Coil Cooler

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If you’re having a party, a beer jockey box dispenser can be an excellent way to keep your guests pleased. Also known as a Party Cooler will allow you to dispense cold keg beer no matter where you are. The jockey box dispenser is a container filled with ice and water. A long coil of hollow tubing is connected to an external supply of beer, the other end, to the beer faucet.

A good jockey box dispenser will be insulated to ensure the ice remains frozen as long as possible. An ideal temperature is considered to be 32°-33° Fahrenheit. The longer the coil, the more contact time the beer has with the cold, thus allowing the beer to get to a nice serving temperature.

A Simple, Yet Handy Solution !!

The jockey Box Dispenser with Stainless Steel Coils is perfect for dispensing ice-cold beer at any party or event. These coolers are incredibly mobile and promise to dispense cold brews all day long, even when a refrigerator isn’t accessible. Simply fill the cooler with ice and water, attach your keg and you are ready to pour cold beer.

Stainless Steel Coil jockey boxes are superior to those with cold plates because there is much more tubing, allowing for a much greater cooling capacity.

Barobjects offer both types of Party Cooler Plastic Party Cooler as well as Stainless Steel Party Cooler. Plastic is lighter but less durable. Stainless Steel is heavier and stronger.