Party Pumps for Kegs

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Party Pumps for Kegs

For serving draught beer directly from the keg. No cooler or gas bottle is required, simply connect to a cold keg of beer, pump, and pour. Party pumps are great! They are compact, easy to use, and do not require a lot of maintenance and cleaning.

This Keg party pump simply fits directly on the top of a barrel, pumps the handle a few times, and pulls the handle to enjoy a fresh beer dispensed directly from the barrel.

The pump itself can be used as many times as you need and can fit the majority of the popular Beer Kegs. All you need to do is select the correct keg coupler fitting from the Party Pump to the beer Kegs

This dispensing system is a complete kit of all you need to quickly tap beer kegs and enjoy drinking which includes a beer coupler, an 8 and 4-inch picnic pump, a beer hose, beer faucets, a beer line fitting, and all required seals.