Coffee Cupping

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Coffee Cupping

Cupping is one of the coffee-tasting techniques used by cuppers to evaluate the coffee aroma and flavor profile of a coffee. Cupping is one of the best ways to learn more about flavor, and aroma, and to share that with other people.

Cupping Sample Trays in the design of oval shape used for Perfectly measuring the coffee beans and transferring them to the roaster. The coffee Tray is made with food-grade material for healthy storage of the coffee beans. you can also serve biscuits and snacks in it. It holds very less space, is easy to use, and is clean. Can use for cupping, weighing, and displaying green and roasted coffee beans

Barobjects’ Cupper Glass is made with a high-quality lead-free mug. The Coffee glass has a nice feel on your hand and a transparent look. it is easy to use and easily washable. Coffee glass is also microwavable. You can also serve hot and cold coffee in glasses.

Handy spittoon at cupping sessions. Heavy weight bottom – no risk of toppling over. Comes back to an upright position soon. Separates into two parts – a top funnel and a bottom cup. Easy to clean and put back.

Coffee tasting is another name for coffee cupping. The practice of tasting brewed coffee and judging its aromas, flavors, and mouthfeel. Coffee roasters and other Espresso experts are mostly responsible for this.

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