Secure yourself and your family from any mishaps after showering with these Grab bars.

Grab Bars are safety devices that are specially designed to maintain the balance of a handicapped person. Different types of bars are used to provide rest to the arms, legs, and back that are mounted in the bathrooms to avoid slips and falls. The bars are even used to hold on at stairs or while standing. They are made of waterproof materials as they are made for wet areas such as bathrooms.

Install these safety bars near the shower tub and toilet to hold on to for stability and security on these wet surfaces.

Choose from many lengths available – 9″ to 48″ and the two – Economy and Standard variants.

These Safety bars are Made of good quality Stainless Steel material, the brushed finish gives a better grip than polished ones. Stainless steel Grab bars are also sturdy and reliable in the long run. The support rails are wall mounted and can be placed in horizontal, vertical, or angled positions – whichever you deem convenient.

By adapting your home and adding safety grab bars in your bathroom, you will feel safe enough to move around comfortably.