Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator Tap Conversion Kit- No Tank

Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator Tap Conversion Kit- No Tank




This DIY kegerator conversion kit comes with easy-to-follow directions and all of the high-quality draft dispense components you’ll need to quickly and easily convert your refrigerator into a high-performance draft beer dispenser

  • Measure pressure and Co2 volume with Krome’s Precision Double Gauge Regulator packed with premium features. The top gauge indicates output pressure, while the side gauge tells you what’s left in the Co2 tank.
  • Standard US style faucet with shanks and nuts for connection. Make a hole and mount directly on the door.
  • This D System Keg Coupler features a sturdy Chrome plated brass body with a brass probe, and is designed for use with all domestic brand American D system Sankey kegs. The lever-handle design is easy to use – simply pull out and then down on the handle to couple the keg. A 60-psi pressure relief valve makes this coupler even more convenient to use
  • Stainless steel wall mount drip tray included. Mount right under the faucet to capture any leaks from it.
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    Ultimate One-tap Door mount Kegerator kit without Tank

    A Great DIY kit to reuse an old refrigerator. Convert into a kegerator to stock up your homebrewed beer! Fresh crisp beer will always be at hand now.

    This Door mount Tap Kit needs no beer tower. Mount the faucet directly on the door and dispense beer from there.
    The Kegerator Conversion Kit includes CO2 regulator, all beer and gas lines, drip tray coupler and Standard US style beer faucet with shank. CO2 gas cylinder is not part of it.

    Enjoy beer anytime you want. Weekends, after work, with friends!

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