Tri Clamp Fitting

Barobjects Tri clamp fitting

Whenever we think of hygienic pipe fittings, Tri-Clamp Fittings are likely to come first to the mind.
In homebrewing, there is a lot of emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation. TC fittings are one of the best connection components that you can use here. 

Read on to know what it is and how to use them in your homebrewing setup.

What is a Tri-clamp?

Tri-clamp fittings are made of 4 components – two ferrules, a gasket that comes in between the ferrules and a clamp that sits over this assembly, locking them in this position. 

Tri-clamp is interchangeably known as Tri-Clover fitting after its popular manufacturing brand. The ferrules and clamp are generally made of stainless steel or plastic and rubber or silicone for gaskets.

For brewing, stainless steel is preferred for its ability to withstand very high temperatures.

Where and Why is it used?

Tri-clamp pipe connections are commonly found in beverage, pharmaceutical and food processing industries where sanitation is of utmost importance.

In the brewing process, it is used on boiling pots/kettles as well as fermentation equipment.

TC connection is preferred for the following advantages:

  1. Has no threads or crannies where food can get trapped. Hence low contamination risk.
  2. Simple to assembly. No male or female parts.
  3. Easy to disassemble for cleaning and put back every time.

Barobjects has a top-quality Tri-clamp fittings made of 304-grade Stainless steel and offer a collection of ferrules – with threaded ends for transition connections, blanks or caps to seal off an open TC-compatible connection, gaskets and clamps.

Choose the appropriate size according to your tubing diameter and make sure the gasket is properly aligned to avoid leaks.
Take care of these few things and you have easy, leak-free, sanitary pipe connections for a great brewing experience.