Deluxe Double Faucet Tower Kegarator Conversion Kit – No Tank

Deluxe Double Faucet Tower Kegarator Conversion Kit – No Tank


This One Tap Tower kegerator conversion kit comes with easy-to-follow directions guide. Also has all of the high-quality components you’ll need to easily convert your refrigerator into a high-performance draft beer dispenser.

  • Krome’s  Deluxe Two Keg Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit to transform a plain compact refrigerator or chest freezer into your very own keg beer dispenser!
  • It comes with a 3″ diameter stainless steel draft beer tower with two faucets, as well as NSF-approved commercial grade parts like a premium two product double gauge regulator and two American D system keg couplers. We have even thrown in a stainless steel drip tray that contains any drips or spills, making clean-up a breeze!
  • This kit comes with all of the high performance components you’ll need two dispense beer from up to two separate kegs at a time.
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12″ x 5″ Surface Drip Tray – Brushed Stainless – Without Drain   +

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    Deluxe Two-tap Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit without Tank

    Give your old refrigerator another shot at by turning it to a kegerator. Keep fresh crisp beer always at hand now.

    A double faucet Column tower is part of this DIY kegerator kit. Includes all beer and gas lines, couplers and CO2 regulator too. Dispense two different beers simultaneously. You’ll only need one CO2 tank for this.

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