9" x 5" Hop Straining Bag

9" x 5" Hop Straining Bag

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9" x 5" Hop Straining Bag

Hops balance the sugary sweetness of the malt adding bitterness and unique flavours. Hops are dried flowers of a specific plant species and are collected from different places across the world.  There is a large scope for experimentation by using different hops to arrive at your own beer style.

Hop Straining Bag Hops are added to the wort at the boiling step and this is where the hop straining bag provides its usefulness. Put in the calculated amount of hops into the bag and add it to the wort directly or hang it at the center through the hop spider. All the hop flavours infuse through the bag without any restraint while keeping the hops contained, easy to remove from the wort at the end of boiling.

  • Strainer bag keeps the hops contained and separate from the wort.
  • Infuses all flavours easily and completely.
  • Nylon material is durable and safe.
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